Our aim is to pave the way for the future of esports by supporting talented gamers and bridging the gap between the gaming community and the NFT world.

Introducing MeowSquad

A brand new type of esports organization reimagined in the form of a feisty feline NFT collection. We’ll kick things off with a mint of 50,000 randomly generated NFTs, making it the largest collection of its kind. And whether you’re a fan of esports or a prospective teammate, being a member has its own real-world benefits.

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Meet Otto, and his feisty friends

At its core, the MeowSquad is a collection of randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of MS-GG unique NFT, generated from hundreds of traits, grants its holder access to vote within the MeowSquad DAO—a community-driven initiative with exclusive giveaways, content, and paw-sibilities.

Minting coming 2022

Price: TBD     Amount: 50,000     No price tiers, no bonding curves.

More than just a community

Behold a reimagined gaming community. One where everything is gamified from the moment you join the Discord.

The Meowsquad’s credo is to open doors for aspiring gamers. We’ve made it our mission to further the initiative of gamers worldwide and make the world just a little more gamified. With our community, we aim to deliver life-changing scholarships, events and opportunities to gamers and gaming fans worldwide. Join us in our mission to gamify the world.

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The vision

Phase 1

Community building
NFT drop

Phase 2

Brand awareness
Establish teams

Phase 3

DAO voting
Online gaming
First tournament


The MeowSquad formed when 3 washed up video gamers bonded over their love for NFTs and never looked back. It was game on from day one.


Legendary Goldeneye 007 player; hardstuck League of Legends player.


Adventure gamer, Legend of Zelda fan, writer and NFT collector.


Once a CS1.6 semi-pro player, now
 a full-time NFTer.